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First Irish writer is selected

Ireland, Friesland · January 13 · 09:00

The Irish selection committee of the Focail Eile (Other Words) programme selected Orna Ní Choileáin as its first writer for the Other Words project.

First Basque writer is selected

Donostia · December 21 · 22:30

Ekaitz Goienetxea will be in Slovenia between April and June 2016.

Artistic Director of 'Beste hitzak–Other Words'

Donostia · December 17 · 14:00

Idoia Noble Goikoetxea was selected to become the Artistic Director of the 'Beste hitzak–Other Words' programme.

Public Presentation of 'Beste hitzak'

Donostia · November 09 · 09:00

Donostia Kultura and Donostia 2016 gave the public presentation of Beste hitzak (Other Words).

First Meeting with the Team Members

Donostia · October 15 · 09:00

The representatives from the five countries taking part in the project defined its direction: the project’s timetable, procedures for choosing the writers, the distribution of responsibilities and so on.