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'Bertsolaritza' documentary premiere

MeM, Leeuwarden-Fryslan 2018 · May 18 · 20:00

Bart Kingma has created the film for Frisian television (Omrop Fryslan).

Other Words Bologna 2018

Bologna, Italia · March 26 · 09:00

Hall 22, Stand C39

A Frisian Television team, on its way to the Basque Country

Donostia · December 14 · 20:00

They will start work on a documentary on Friday.

Celebrating Basque Language Day

Santo Tomas Lizeoa · December 04 · 12:00

Young students will meet our Irish writer in residence.

Basque Language Day in Pasaia

Santiago plaza, Pasai Donibane · December 03 · 12:00

The people of Pasaia have asked Colm Ó Ceallacháin to be their guest on this special occasion.

Basque-Irish singalong

Pasai Donibane · December 02 · 12:00

Using singing as the perfect excuse, two sister countries are brought together.

Other Words will join Literaktum 2017

Pasai Donibane · November 25 · 11:00

Colm Ó Ceallacháin will be part of the group who will enjoy "A literary tour: visiting Victor Hugo" this Saturday.

Colm will meet Basque students

Ekintza Ikastola · November 17 · 14:00

The event will take place in the function room of Ekintza Ikastola.

Colm and James Joyce

Central Library · November 06 · 19:15

Donostia Book Club will discuss 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man'.

A chat over coffee in Pasai Donibane

New Pasai Donibane library · October 31 · 19:00

Colm Ó Ceallacháin will be the 'guest star'.