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Séamus O Néill Summer School

Castlewellan Library · July 15 · 15:30

Flights of Fancy - Reading, workshop and brainstorm with Máire Zepf.

Reic at the Soma Festival

Castlewellan, Co. Down · July 14 · 20:00

Gregor Lozar will read his poetry at Reic in Castlewellan as part of the Soma Festival.

A night of song featuring Glórthaí Uladh, an Irish language choir.

St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast · July 05 · 19:30

Gregor will attend a night of song in St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast.

Meeting with Myra Zepf, Children's Writing Fellow for Northern Ireland

Séamus Heaney Centre, Queen's University, Belfast · July 05 · 10:00

Gregor will meet Myra to talk about writing, books and reading for children and young adults.

Laoch na Laochra: Hero of Heroes

Linen Hall Library, Belfast · July 04 · 18:00

Hero of Heroes exhibition and performance in the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.

"Elur gainean txori hanka arinak"

Ernest Lluch Cultural Centre · June 13 · 19:30

That's the title of Gerard's main public event.

Poetry And Thought 2017

Club room, Victoria Eugenia Theatre · June 12 · 19:30

Gerard de Jong and Beatriz Chivite will take part in this year's poetry reading.

A chat over coffee with de Jong

Pasai Donibane · May 11 · 18:00

Thanks to the Pasaia librarians, Gerard will meet his community for the next eight weeks.

About to select Basque writer No. 3

Donostia Kultura · May 10 · 09:30

The chosen candidate will travel to Maribor, Slovenia.

De Jong will visit Berria

Martin Ugalde Culture Park · May 09 · 16:00

The Bildts journalist will find out about Basque media.