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Muskerraren bidea (The Lizard Trail)

Asteasu · May 31 · 11:00

Members of the Other Words and New translators projects will get together at The Lizard Trail.

The Pasaia town council to welcome Other Words writers

Victor Hugo Museo Etxea · May 25 · 11:30

Macedonian poet Viktor Jakimovski and Basque writer Ekaitz Goienetxea will meet at Victor Hugo Etxea on Wednesday.

Public screening of the 'Bertsolari' documentary film

KID KIBLA · May 13 · 20:00

Presenting the art of 'Bertsolaritza' to the people in Maribor

Ekaitz's presentation about Euskal literatura due on Thursday, May 12th

Rajzefiber biro · May 12 · 17:00

The presentation is going to be held at Maribor's nanotouristic agency Rajzefiber biro

Beste hitzak, ready to welcome Viktor Jakimovski

Donostia · May 09 · 16:15

This young Macedonian poet will be our guest over the next eight weeks.

Kocho Trajchevski on World Book Day

Donostia · April 23 · 18:00

The Macedonian writer Kocho Trajchevski will have the opportunity to discuss his writing, as well as that of fellow Macedonian authors, on occasion of the 2016 World Book Day.

Interactive street performance "Basque literary notes" ...

Maribor, Slovenia · April 21 · 11:00

... is happening on Thursday, April 21st!

Ekaitz Goienetxea to appear on Young Rhymes

Dvorana Gustaf, Pekarna (The Bakery), Maribor · April 20 · 20:30

Ekaitz will be presenting his poems in the company of Maribor's young poets

Radio Ga Ga - new date

Maribor, Slovenia · April 19 · 21:00

You can hear Ekaitz's poem tomorrow!

Beste hitzak–Other Words at the 2016 Bologna Children's Book Fair

Bologna, italy · April 04 · 09:00

The Basque Publishers' Association and the Etxepare Institute, our hosts in our first international fair.