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My Arrival in Friesland

This is my travel day to Frieseland.

Marija Makeska

2016-09-26 20:25

Cvetka and the People of the Hound

Cvetka Bevc visits the Pearse school in Dublin

Réaltán Ní Leannáin

2016-07-09 23:49

An Envelope from the Far North

Today I received an envelope with two books of Sámi poetry that a friend of mine had sent from Lapland to Macedonia. It's part of a small literary translation project of ours not directly linked to Other Words, but inspired by similar ideals.

André Looijenga

2016-06-20 18:05

Frysk life: 3

Frysk life: 3.

Réaltán Ní Leannáin

2016-04-14 20:24

Frysk life: 1

arrived today.

Réaltán Ní Leannáin

2016-04-12 23:45

Some background

writing background.

Réaltán Ní Leannáin

2016-04-12 01:36