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Sitting on the couch, Thursday night, around 3:30, in my apartment. A little bit dazed. What the fuck did I just read?

Bart Kingma

2016-11-11 19:00

The ferryman

Is there a one and only best way to understand life? I suspect everyone will answer this question with a 'yes'.

Bart Kingma

2016-10-28 19:45


a beautiful island, the smallest one in Friesland

Marija Makeska

2016-10-25 19:08


My first walk in Harlingen.

Marija Makeska

2016-10-22 17:46

High tide, low tide

My first post.

Bart Kingma

2016-10-20 19:00

The Camera's Eye

I am capturing the sights of Friesland on this beautiful fall weather.

Marija Makeska

2016-09-27 20:14

My First Impressions of Friesland

Some interesting things about Friesland...

Marija Makeska

2016-09-26 22:46

My Arrival in Friesland

This is my travel day to Frieseland.

Marija Makeska

2016-09-26 20:25

Cvetka and the People of the Hound

Cvetka Bevc visits the Pearse school in Dublin

Réaltán Ní Leannáin

2016-07-09 23:49