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Focail Eile

2019-09-19 13:00 —

A celebration of Other Words event in Foras na Gaeilge's offices

On the 31st July in Foras na Gaeilge's office, all 5 Irish-language writers, who participated in Focail Eile/ Other Words gathered to share their writing and experiences of the project. The writers read from the work they wrote while on their residencies and translations were read in the language of the host country. We were delighted to welcome Janneke Spoelstra, who has translated many of the texts into Frisian language and also Imanol Galdos, the project's co-ordinator from Donostia. Both read in their languages. Slovenian and Macedonian languages were represented via video link.

Colm and Imanol, reading in Irish and Basque.


Aifric and Janneke reading in Irish and Frisian.


Cathal reading and Slovenian translation read by Alenka Cilenšek, a well-known Slovenian theatre actress and singer via video link.


Diarmuid reading and writer and translator, Zivko Grozdanoski, reads the Macedonian version.


Réaltán reads her text while Janneke reads the Frisian version.


Foras na Gaeilge's CEO, Seán O Coinn, officially launched the anthology.

We were delighted that national Irish language TV station, TG4 could make a short clip of the evening for their web app, Mol Scéal. https://www.molsceal.ie/toradh/alt/?CID=6068538910001&search=focail%20eile

Our online daily newspaper covered the story and published pictures taken on the night. https://tuairisc.ie/gailearai-diolaim-ilteangach-focail-eile-seolta-i-mbaile-atha-cliath/