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Beste hitzak

2018-12-03 13:00 —

A couple of social occasions for Bojana

An evening to celebrate world literature translated in Basque, followed by the most important literary prize giving ceremony in the Basque Autonomous Region.

Idazlezainak, a project that aims to provide the Wikipaedia with quality contents in Basque, organised an event to present its most recent publication, focused on 54 classic authors. Joxan Goikoetxea, Iosune Marin and Olatz Prat were invited to provide their musical rendering of Shakespeare's sonnets. It was Monday, the 26th of November.


The next day, November 27, Bojana, Imanol and Idoia attended the prize giving gala for the most prestigious literature prizes in the Basque Autonomous Region. They are awarded in the following categories:

Best fiction work in Basque: Bihotz handiegia, by Eider Rodríguez.

Best fiction work in Spanish: Mientras me alejo, by Carmelo C. Iribarren.

Best children and young adult book in Basque: Santa familia, by Eider Rodríguez.

Best translation into Basque: Gailur ekaiztsuak, by Irene Aldasoro.

Best illustration work: La pequeña Roque, by Yolanda Mosquera.

Best essay in Basque: Patagoniara Hazparnen barrena, by Kepa Altonaga. 

Best essay in Spanish: Bajo el signo de la melancolía, by Santos Zunzunegui.

For the first time ever, Eider Rodríguez won in two of the categories –best fiction and best children and young adult–. We were particularly pleased about it, because Eider has cooperated with Other Words in the past: she helped Bart Kingma understand the literary work of Joseba Sarrionandia, and shared with Gerard de Jong, Juan Luis Zabala and Iñigo Astiz a panel to discuss European minority languages.

The other section which is directly linked to Other Words is that of literary translation into Basque. We have a close relationship with Basque translators, both with them individually and through their association, EIZIE.

It was a pleasure to introduce Bojana to a few of the protagonists, as well as the representatives of the Basque Goverment, which is the institution that awards these prizes.