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Beste hitzak

2018-09-18 14:30 —

A delightful evening at Ur Mara Museum

Art is all around in a magical space created by Basque sculptor Koldobika Jauregi.

It was the last open air event of the year at Ur Mara, a beautiful 11-hectare forest that the Jauregi family own in the village of Alkiza, not far from San Sebastian (around 30 minutes by car?), but away from it all, in a totally peaceful environment.

The day was amazing, blue skies and high temperature, ideal to seek shelter in the cool old quarry where the first part of the event took place. Accordion music was played by Susana Cencillo's quartet –Emekuartet– which included the premiere of a piece that simulates a storm. (They explained that they have had their fair share of real storms in earlier performances at that venue …)

In the second part of the artistic evening, Antonio Casado Da Rocha led a performance at the 'Thoreau Space', a charming little hut that houses a project very dear to Koldobika and Antonio. He recited some poems with the help of Iñaki Armendariz on the electric guitar and a music recording by Andoni Tolosa. And he did it in a playful way, challenging the audience to guess which of the 10 poems were written by Henry David Thoreau in the XIX, and which ones were not. There were three little presents for those who got answers right … but they ended up giving them to two of their Other Words guests: Stefan Markovski and Nanelia Walfenzao.

The epilogue was just as enjoyable as the previous 90 minutes, as we were all invited to share a chat over a glass of cider or wine and some delicious snacks. And Stefan did just that with Juan Kruz Igerabide, an excellent Basque writer who is best known for his children's book, although he has also published some poetry and three novels for adults. They discussed literature in general and Macedonian writers in particular, one of which is a common friend.  

The ending of the story remains a mistery to us … All we know is that a few of the artists and their friends were planning to spend the night in true Thoreau fashion, out in the little forest hut.