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Beste hitzak

2018-09-12 19:30 —

A few enjoyable literary evenings with some traveling in between

After a jolly August out in the sun, it's time for some indoors enjoyment in the company of words, music, books and literature lovers.

On Tuesday, the 2nd of September, Stefan attended a dramatized poetry evening with a musical element to it, and met some Basque authors and publishers there. Here's a couple of pictures of him with Antxiñe Mendizabal, the author whose work (Emakume burugabea –A Headless Woman–) was staged at the Club room of the Victoria Eugenia theatre, and Alaine Agirre, a prolific young writer, just like our Macedonian guest (in fact, they found out that they were born the same month of the same year, only a few days apart).

Last Monday, the 10th of September, Stefan joined the members of Donostia Book Club, a book group whose members have become a loyal and valuable audience for the writers who carry out their creative residencies in San Sebastian.

As on previous occasions, they came earlier that they do for their ordinary monthly sessions in order to listen to their Macedonian guest speaker talking about his country. He went over several aspects of its long history and culture: art, literature, language, gastronomy … A most interesting presentation followed by the questions of those gathered in this very special venue for authors and readers alike, since it is mostly used for book presentations and literary events.


After his talk, Stefan stayed on to listen to the group's discussion on the book that Slawka Grabowska, the lady who leads the book club, had selected for their September session: A Manual for Cleaning Ladies, by American short story writer Lucia Berlin. An excellent book, by the sound of the readers' comments.

Two other important people were present at Monday's event: Nanelia Walfenzao and Ainara Maia Urroz. Nanelia is the person who has advised the Other Words team, led by Imanol Galdos, along the process of selection of a Papiamentu writer, Elvira Bonafacio, who is enjoying her residency in Belfast at the moment. As for Ainara, she will get to know Macedonia first hand very soon, since she's just been selected to spend eight weeks in the city of Bitola as the last Basque writer to take part in the 2015–2019 phase of the Other Words project. 

Thank you, Nanelia and Ainara, for being there for Stefan's first public event.

And thanks ever so much, Slawka, for inviting our writers to address your group.

PS For Stefan's travel stories, please refer to his Facebook page, where he's displayed an impressive collection of photos of the French city of Bordeaux.