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Beste hitzak

2017-09-06 18:00 —

A great 'Poetry Hour' for Beatriz Chivite

Surrounded by family, friends and poetry lovers.

On the tenth edition of the Poetry Hours (Poesia orduak) organised by Donostia Kultura and the Association of Basque Writers, Chivite read from her poetry book Pekingo kea (Beijing smoke). She structured the event in six sections:







Before that, she had Nekane Iturrioz, an accomplished accordion player and a teacher at the Music Conservatoire of Iruña (Navarre), play Otoitz eta melodia 2017 (Prayer and Melody 2017), composed by Javier López Jaso. This piece consists of two parts, one of which was played at the beginning of the recital, and the second one at the very end.

Throughout the hour-long event, a video installation created by artist Mar Gonzalez Ruiz de Larramendi was projected onto a screen behind the stand from which Beatriz read out her poems.

And, in between the different poetry sections, musician Paula Olaz contributed to the intimate atmosphere with a number of tunes played live on the keyboard together with some pre-recorded elements.

A most enjoyable occasion for a very appreciative audience.