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Beste hitzak

2018-12-05 13:15 —

And a morning at Koldobika Jauregi's workshop

Two artists with a shared passion for sculpture.

We first got to know the Ur mara project in September, when we attended an artistic event with our previous guest writer, Stefan Markovski. We quite simply fell for the place, a beautiful country house in Alkiza.

Out of a coincidence, our current resident writer, Bojana Krizanec, is also a sculptor; so it made perfect sense for her to meet Koldobika Jauregi, the renowned Basque sculptor behind the Ur mara project.

After being welcomed by the artist and his partner, we enjoyed seeing (and feeling, as Bojana likes doing) the sculptures in the middle of the forest that surrounds the main building, as well as a separate space devoted to temporary exhibitions.


Yet another enjoyable occasion for the Other Words representatives, hopefully one that will help both Bojana and Koldobika cooperate in the future, either in the Basque Country or in Slovenia.