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Oare Wurden

2018-08-16 23:50 —

Kristina Kočan has been translated into Frisian

On Sunday, the 5th of August, Kristina Kočan read a selection of her poetry at the MeM Pavillion, the temporary ‘Living Room of Languages’ in Leeuwarden / Ljouwert. To an attentive audience she read poetry from her recent collection Šivje (2018), and also one very recent poem that she had written during her stay: ‘Skier’, inspired by her visit to the beautiful Frisian island of Skiermûntseach, a few weeks before.


Another highlight of her reading was ‘Poznopoletne prostosti’, a great poem on the feeling of loss when the end of the summer is approaching. The day before the performance, Kristina had co-operated with the Frisian poets Syds Wiersma, Pier Boorsma and André Looijenga in making a translation of this poem into Frisian. The Frisian translation, ‘Let simmersk frij’, was also read at the performance.


The Frisian translation and the Slovene poem have been published on the web page of RIXT, the Frisian poets’ collective: http://rixt.frl/2018/08/09/gedicht-fan-sloveenske-gastdichter-kristina-kocan-yn-it-frysk-oersetten/


Kristina and her friend, the photographer Kristijan Robič, had been invited to De Swetteblom, an ecological farm and camping site south of the city, by the RIXT collective. They spent a memorable afternoon and evening, not only diving into late-summer poetry, but also birdwatching, eating and drinking, and chatting by the fire.


Photo: The audience at the MeM Pavillion, the Living Room of Languages, at Kristina’s poetry reading (© Kristijan Robič)