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Beste hitzak

2017-06-13 16:45 —

A successful tenth edition of 'Poetry And Thought'

As in previous editions, organisers Juan Ramon Makuso, Pello Otxoteko, Felipe Juaristi and Aritz Gorrotxategi gathered a fine group of poets to read out their work before a large and engaged audience. Here is the impressive list:

Tere Irastortza

Isabel Cadenas

Mireia Calafell

Beatriz Chivite

Gerard de Jong

Ángeles Mora

Violin player Jon Makuso was their companion throughout.

We are very grateful to our Donostia Kultura colleagues Arantxa Arzamendi and Arantza Urkia, promoters of the event, for inviting our project to take part in it for the second time, and hope to be able to keep working together in years to come.

Beste hitzak–Other Words was mentioned by Aritz Gorrotxategi, who introduced Gerard de Jong and Beatriz Chivite. Gerard has reached the final stretch of his stay in the Basque Country, hosted by the Beste hitzak team in Donostia, whereas Beatriz is leaving for Slovenia in two days' time, also as an Other Words author.

De Jong came to Donostia with the aim of writing some prose, but nevertheless agreed to creating some poems for yesterday's soirée. He stood up to the challenge and enjoyed reciting his creation in the Bildts language.

Chivite, on the other hand, is a young poet who was recently selected for an Other Words residency in Maribor, Slovenia, thanks to a project entitled Collection of Poems: Words Between Borders.