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Oare Wurden

2016-06-07 09:30 —

André Looijenga on his way to Macedonia

Looijenga’s plan for a stay in Bitola was selected in April of this year from five submitted plans of writers. Besides working on his literary travel report he will indulge into the functioning of the Macedonian community and the place of literature in it. He will try to meet Macedonian  writers with whom he might translate highlights in Macedonian and Frisian literature into Frisian and Macedonian.

In the upcoming weeks he will report about his work and experiences on the websites of Other Words and the Frisian literary magazine Ensafh. Looijenga is travelling to Bitola by train. In his journey he will pass Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Skopje and finally Bitola. Writing about the journey is part of his plan. That's why he prefers to travel slowly to Bitola.

After Looijenga’s stay in Bitola the literary travel report that he makes, will be translated into English and the languages of other small European languages who participate in Other Words: Basque, Irish, Slovenian and Macedonian.

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