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2017-12-29 15:00 —

Basque Language Day in a top Basque-medium school

Santo Tomas Lizeoa opened its doors to our Irish guest.

A group of sixteen-year-old students gave us a nice surprise by preparing an informative presentation on different aspects of the Basque language: administrative division, dialects, number of speakers in each region, literary production, top Basque writers, promotion of the language abroad (Frankfurt, the Etxepare Institute) … A rather impressive list of items which helped us compare the reality of our mother tongues, Irish and Basque.


Before that, Imanol Galdos, our Project Coordinator, explained to the students and teachers of Santo Tomas Lizeoa, an educational institution very close to his heart (both his children completed their schooling there), the value of programmes such as Other Words to broaden our young people's horizons by getting to know other lingustic and cultural realities in Europe and around the world.

Colm showed his gratitude and had the opportunity of explaining to his young hosts the evolution of the Irish language over the centuries, as well as his hope that a much needed language awareness will contribute to the survival of the tool he chose for his creation work.