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Beste hitzak

2018-03-29 12:30 —

Been. Done

The last day at the Book Fair is a funny one … 


Most professionals have already left, so a lot of the stands look half empty.

And there's a sight that never ceases to 'amuse' us. We call it the 'let's-see-who-can-get-more-free-books-in-the-shortest-possible-time' game. People take their shopping bags on wheels (this is not a figure of speech!) and fill them up with books, catalogues, posters, little toys … Absolutely anything they can get hold of.

(We're pleased that we managed to hold on to all the books at the Basque publishers' stand.)

Out of sheer curiosity, we asked one of them this morning: "What do you use these books for?" They had obviously prepared a dignified answer, as follows: "We are Kindergarden teachers, and all schools in Italy are poor."


Never mind. This is a lovely publishing event to which we'll come back next year if we possibly can.