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Beste hitzak

2018-11-22 12:30 —

Being fed by Bojana

Bread and salt as a welcome, plenty of food for thought.

Although the original plan was for the people of Donibane to welcome Bojana to their village, the Slovenian artist suprised them by baking some bread herself and handing it out to every member of the audience. Bread with a pinch of salt, a delightful tradition that we enjoyed and appreciated.

Krizanec gave a very interesting presentation about different aspects of her country, language and culture: a bit of history –from being part of Yugoslavia to becoming an independent country–, some tricky words with only consonants in them –we had a go at saying them!–, a beautiful natural heritage –mountains, valleys, lakes, the sea–, poets, writers … We found out about all of those before moving onto Bojana's projects, both for Other Words and other more general ones.

She described sculpture as a hard physical task that she carries out using mainly marble, limestone and clay.

The project that brought Bojana to the Basque Country combines sculpture and gastronomy, art and the senses. She has met several Michelin-star chefs and found the inspiration to develop her original idea. As she said at the end of the session, her goal is to publish a book showing the outcome of her work … hopefully before the end of the year.

And maybe to come back to Pasaia for the official launch?

We'll keep our fingers crossed that her dream comes true, and look forward to welcoming her back very soon.

Photographs by Antxon Basurko.