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Ainara Maia Urroz

2018-09-25 08:25 — Bitola, Macedonia

Claudia Cardinaleren atzetik – Following Claudia Cardinale

Poetry about love and femininity can not be forgotten, and I can’t forget letters and prayers written by the poet to the lover; The drowsiness of the action of love, and afterwards, their words express their perseverance, daily routine and weakness of women and at the same time of men. Maybe we suffer, because we don’t know how to love, do we?

Here is a pure love, basic and condemned to the past; the happy music and dirty clothes surrounds this rough and tough city of the East. Once upon a time a poet landed here with a humble discourse of everyday words.

And suddenly, in the center of the city, I see the cultural center and the theater ornamented with lights and red carpet. The dirty city of the East, Bitola, is covered with glamour and suddenly the vintage buildings are modernized: Claudia Cardinale receives the Special Golden Prize!

Eighty-year-old lady, with all the wrinkles that she has experienced over the years, she presented her latest film last year, and now in the main theater hall of Bitola, South-East part of Macedonia: “Nobili Bugie”, in other words means that the aristocracy lies. A crazy and light Italian comedy ... at the end, all is unpredictable in life, but the only thing that is sure is death; So I decided to follow the trace of the Cardinale star, not the sex symbol that she was once in the past, but admiring now the greatness of her modesty to go ahead in my life.

Bizitza ez da ametsa,

baina amets bat bezalakoa da,

begi-kliska bat da bizitza eta

aitzina egitea besterik ez dago

aurrera egiteko.

Itxarokizunak bidaide,

esperientziak bizkar-zorroan

eta aurrejuzkuak eskuko poltsan.