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Beste hitzak

2017-10-20 19:10 —

Colm Ó Ceallacháin is in the Basque Country

And we are fortunate to play host to such a kind man. 

Colm arrived in San Sebastian last Monday, the 16th of October, after a leisurely voyage from her hometown, Cork. Imanol Galdos and Oier San Martin were there to welcome him and take him to his home for the next eight weeks: Hugoenea, in Pasai Donibane, a fishermen's village on the outskirts of Donostia.

The next day, he met Marga Anzuela, the local librarian, who gave him, together with the representatives of a few local associations, a guided tour of the new library. This visit was very special, because Colm will be the first person to hold a public event in this brand new space. He will be introduced to the Pasai Donibane community on the 31st of October, and will discuss, amongst other issues, Halloween with those gathered in this impressive new venue.

On Wednesday, Colm met fellow Other Words author Eneko Aizpurua. Eneko stopped to sign his contract with Donostia Kultura on the way to Friesland. They had a pleasant and interesting few hours together discussing literature, minority languages and Europe (that's the main topic in Eneko's writing project). 

For a bit of social buzz, we attended songwriter Xabi San Sebastian's concert, where we bumped into some more excellent musicians: Joxan Goikoetxea, Juanjo Otxandorena and Alan Griffin, members of the Alboka folk group. 


A lot more to come next week, in the hope of helping Colm gather all the material he needs to create his short stories.