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Focail Eile

2018-10-25 14:30 —

Day 2 in Mercy College Belfast

Day 2 in Mercy College included 3 of our minority languages: Papiamentu, Basque and Irish.

Pupils heard personal experiences about the Basque language from Imanol Galdos, our project co-ordinator, of how he was the first (along with 8 other pupils) to attend a Basque-medium school and about how proud he is of his language and culture. Pupils inquired if Basque is similar to Spanish so it was an eye-opener for them. They listened to writer Seán telling them about his experiences with the Irish language growing up in West Belfast, how he, at the age of 18 decided to learn the language and has never looked back since. Elvira introduced and gave an insight to her language and culture.

We are happy that Mrs. Kate Calumarte, teacher of Irish and English, co-ordinated with us on this adventure. She is pictured below with her pupils along with Elvira and Seán.

Pupils again got busy and had a chance to express their thought on their identity. 

Mrs. Calumarte's classroom is a facinating place ... We even found a collection of Basque and Irish language stories!

Pupils from other nationalities shared their culture and language too. Poland, Sudan, Syria, etc. Here we are: Seán O Muireagáin, Irish language writer, Mr. Moreland, Principal, Imanol Galdos, Elvira and pupils Becky McCabe, Niamh McAuley and Lugin Osman.

We are very grateful to Mercy College for opening its doors and making us so welcome. We really have a great experience sharing about our diverse languages and culture through writing. The poems written by the pupils carried out in our workshops, will be typed up and be on display in the school library! 

A big Thank You to Mr. Moreland, Principal, Mrs. Kate Calumarte, Teacher and pupils of Mercy College Belfast!