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Beste hitzak

2017-06-09 18:30 —

Gerard de Jong's main public event, on Tuesday 13 June

It will take place at the Ernest Lluch Cultural Centre, starting at 19:30.

We have prepared an interesting session, and invited some luxury guests. Under the guidance of Iñigo Astiz, a very talented young writer and journalist, De Jong will be sorrounded by Eider Rodriguez, a writer and university lecturer, and Juan Luis Zabala, also a writer and journalist. 

The discussion will tackle topics such as language and literature, mainly from the perspective of small and minority language, which is the main concern of the Beste hitzak–Other Words project.

The members of the panel will speak in Basque and English (we are obviously hoping to hear some Bildts too!), and a simultaneous translation service will be provided: from Basque into Spanish and English, and from English into Basque and Spanish. 

In the hope that this event will round off De Jong's stay in the Basque Country, we would like to invite language and literature lovers alike to join us at the Ernest Lluch.

See below the promotional card that we have created for the occasion.