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2017-12-29 17:30 —

Durango Book (and Music) Fair 2017

Other Words was present at this year's edition of the biggest showcase of literary and musical production in Basque.

We took day two of the fair to show our Irish guest around the different areas of this major event in Basque publishing. First, we attended Anjel Lertxundi's session on his latest book, Horma. Colm met him on the way to an interview on stage with his publisher, Inazio Mujika Iraola. From a book premiere to a record launch, we were lucky to catch Tenpora's gig at Ahotsenea.


After a nice meal with an impressive mountain view, we headed back to Landako, the main hall in the fair. We greeted a few Basque publishers and writers before going back to the venue where books are presented. In fact, as well as taking Colm, we had another good reason to attend the Durango Book Fair this year: we presented IXO (1987), the literary piece that Yoseba Peña created for Other Words during his stay in Dublin in the autumn of 2016.


Yoseba explained to the audience how he got the Other Words grant, what his goals were for his stay in Dublin, how much he enjoyed being a full-time writer for eight weeks … He also talked about certain formal aspects of what will be his next novel: historical notes, main characters, etc.

At the end of the session, Yoseba introduced a story by his Irish friend, Réaltán Ní Leannáin, a fellow Other Words writer he met during his Dublin residency. He invited Colm to read out the original Irish version while he projected his own translation into Basque on the screen for the audience to follow. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day with two fantastic members of the Other Words team.