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Beste hitzak

2018-07-23 18:45 —

Elvira Bonafacio, our Papiamentu guest writer

The selection committee of Beste Hitzak–Other Words, in meetings held on the 16th and 17th of July, 2018, selected Elvira Bonafacio for the fifth residency of this literary creation project. Bonafacio will be in Ireland between September and November of 2018.

A total of sixteen projects were submitted at the fifth open call, which aimed to select an author writing in Papiamentu, one of the project's guest languages in 2018.

The selection committee was made up of the following members:

–     Imanol Galdos, Other Words Project Coordinator.

–     Diana Domacassé-Lebacs, author and literature expert from Curaçao.

–     Nanelia Walfenzao, local advisor on Papiamentu.

–     Idoia Noble, Artistic Director to Other Words.

This is what the committee concluded about the proposal submitted by the successful candidate:

'An interesting combination of an essay in epic form, told from the point of view of a young boy. The way it is elaborated guarantees that it can develop and eventually result in a book.

Furthermore, because of the point of view of the young boy, it will not only be a technical analyses of multiculturality and the quest for identity.

Bonafacio calls 'Identity and diversity' a literature act, which leads us to think that she could develop it as a story, but maybe also as a theatre play in the form of a monologue.

This proposal meets the aims of the Other words project perfectly. The author will call the attention to the Papiamentu language, but will also let the reader or audience live, experience and feel what it means to be a minority in Diversion and Identity with a rebellious language.'

Other Words is a partnership programme between cultural organisations in European regions which aims to establish a network of creative placements for European writers in small and minority languages.

The following regions and institutions/associations make up the Other Words project: Donostia Kultura (Basque Country), Foras na Gaeilge (Ireland), Association for Contemporary Art X-OP (Slovenia), Youth Forum Bitola (Macedonia) and Ljouwert/Leeuwarden 2018 (Friesland, the Netherlands).

Beste Hitzak–Other Words will run from 2015 to 2019.