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Hein Jaap Hilarides

2017-11-16 17:21 — Maribor

Finally some news!

My stay here is very good and interesting. I haven't reported up until now. So I guess I'll have to catch up a little. I arrived in Maribor in the beginning of October. I went up and down Slovenia a couple of times because I also stayed at the coast. Two times I was in Koper for about a week. From there I visited Triëst and Kobarid, which is a little town in the Julian Alpes. It's on the border with Italy and known for a battle that took place in the first World War. I crossed the karst and the river Soca (Isonzo) a couple of times, which was really great. I went there to do some research. The rest of the time I spent reading in the sun and writing in the kitchen.

On my way to Maribor, by car, I visited Munich and was there for about two days. My story is set in let's say the first half of the twentieth century. That's why I was in Munich. In the meantime I also have payed a visit to Linz and Graz. The main reason is to get information about how it was in the period before and in the war. I walk the streets to search for the places where historical events have taken place and I go to libraries and musea. In Maribor I went to the National Liberation Museum twice. They really helped me there. The coming weeks I'm going to do some interviews with elderly people from Maribor and the surroundings.

This morning I met a musician from Mali. He's staying in the Youth Hostel for a week now. He and his friend do some performances. Tomorrow night I will go to one. Actually it's my first night out. I've been working a lot. I wake up early and have a glass of wine or a coffee in the afternoon and go back to work again!