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Oare Wurden

2017-10-24 16:46 —

Basque literary afternoon in Friesland

Last weekend, the audience in home theater ‘De Wier’ in the town of Cornjum moast have felt as though they were in the Basque Country. The small theater formed the stage for a Basque literary afternoon. Conversations, poems and music immersed the audience in Basque atmospheres. Special guest was Eneko Aizpurua Urteaga, the Basque writer who is in Leeuwarden for the Other Words project. Eneko works as a writer of crime novels and translator at the university of Navarre.


  • 2017-10-25 Idoia Noble

    Thanks for those nice pictures. It seems that it was a really nice gathering. Thank you to both the organizers and the participants. Let's hope we can keep and strengthen the link between Frisian and Basque literature.