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Beste hitzak

2017-05-09 11:45 —

Gerard de Jong's first public event in Donostia

Excellent response to Gerard de Jong's account of the hard work by the Bildts movement to keep its language alive. 

The members of Donostia Book Club, led by Slawka Grabowska, listened intently to the journalist's presentation, asked about life in his minute language community (Bildts is used by around 6,000 people), and wished him all the best for his eight weeks' stay in San Sebastian.

De Jong, in return, showed his gratitude to the city in general and to Donostia Kultura in particular for giving him the opportunity to experience life as a full time writer.

On to the club's monthly literary discussion, Gerard explained why On The Road, by Jack Kerouac, had been one of his favourite books in his teenage years.

Thanks, Donostia Book Club. We'll be back in the autumn, with an Irish writer, if you want us there.

PS De Jong brought and showed us a kind of 'lucky charm' that his family gave him as a present before he set off for the Basque Country in the hope that, although 1,400 kilometres away, he will always feel at home. It's a replica of a large scale statue in Het Bildt, Gerard's municipality, and it symbolizes the hard work by the people who, over 500 years ago, were sent there to build huge dikes in order to take a stretch of land from the sea.