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Focail Eile

2018-10-25 12:15 —

Getting Creative in Mercy College Belfast

We had the privilege to be invited to Mercy College to tell them about Papiamentu and Irish languages through a series of workshops. Our theme was Identity and Diversity and pupils listened attentively to Elvira as she told them about Curaçao, her culture and  language and Seán introducted the theme of Identity and being proud of being Irish, learning and having repect for our language. Pupils were guided through a series of creative writing exercise based on these themes.

Pupils busy at work

The School Principal met us after the workshops on the first day and gave us some background information on the school. This school is very close to a Peace :ine or Interface that divides the 2 main communities Republican/Nationalist/Catholic vs Loyalist/Unionist/Protestant. The school itself has been subjected to many atrocities during the Troubles but thankfully, these incidents are few and far between today as we live in a more tolerent society. He was very pleased that pupils got the opportunity to hear about another culture and their struggles and learn to overcome this and be proud!