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Focail Eile

2017-07-07 15:00 —

Gregor visits an Cultúrlann Mac Adam O Fiaich and meets Seán Mac Sheáin

A visit to an Cultúrlann, the Irish language cultural centre to meet some interesting people. over coffee, Seán explained to Gregor about the revival and promotion  of the Irish speaking community in Belfast. Eventhough the Troubles were happening on the streets of Belfast,  Seán with his wife, Máire, along with 4 other families set up a 'Gaeltacht' or Irish speaking community, by building their houses along side each other, on the Shaw's Road, West Belfast in 1969. In 1971, these parents set up an Irish medium school, Bunscoil Phobail Feirste, which eventually after a lengthy campaign, gained official recognition in 1985. The Shaw's Road Gaeltacht has a strong culture of traditional music, dance and drama and the Irish language continues to be the normal language of communication between residents.