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Focail Eile

2017-10-16 11:55 —

Interesting encounters for Alek in Dublin

On a sunny Friday in Dublin, we set off to meet some people involved with the Irish language. Our first stop was to visit an Timire. An Timire is publishing house for works concerning a spiritual nature based in Dublin since 1956. After giving us a tour of their house in Leeson Street's Georgian Dublin (including the room where a famous Caravaggio painting  was found), we discussed literature, life in Macedonia and Ireland.

An Timire has just published 'Scéalta ón Rúis, Stories from Russia., that had been translated into Irish from writers like Pushkin, Tolstoy. Since the launch of this book took place before Alek's arrival,  Fionnuala, manager with an Timire, invited Alek and Margarita to another book launch about nature and promised to introduce them to Irish language speakers. http://timire.ie/


Next we headed for Connolly Bookstore, named after James Connolly, Irish patriot, trade unionist and republican. Every Friday at lunchtime, a group of Irish language learners and speakers gather to have coffee and practice the language. We had interesting conversations with members of the group including one of its founders, Cris Ní Choisteala, a retired member of Foras na Gaeilge. Alek has a particular interest in Roger Casement and Cris was willing to help find him contacts so he could continue his research. Alek and Margarita were invited to return and join the group when they wished. http://www.ionad.org/