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Réaltán Ní Leannáin

2018-03-24 12:29 — Friesland

International Women's Day, 2018

Cvetka Bevc from Slovenia visited Dublin in 2016 with Other Words. Dublin was delighted to have her back in 2018 as the international guest for Lá Idirnáisiúnta na mBan.This is a festival of literature readings in Irish that is held to celebrate International Women's Day. It takes place in the Lord Mayor's residence and is attended by a broad range of men and women both young and old. In 2017, Frisian poet Janneke Spoelstra read and also Idoia Noble from Euskadí. 

Cvetka read some of her poetry and Irish poet Áine Ní Ghlinn read Irish translations of it.

More photographs of the night are available here: HERE

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