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Elvira Bonafacio

2018-10-09 17:07 — Belfast, Ireland

It’s nice to meet you - Deas bualadh leat

My first official day at Belfast, was a historic one. Orlagh, the main contact person of Other Word’s here in Ireland, and I went to their office at Foras in Gaelige, where among other things the Irish language is promoted. Well….see for yourself what I did.

"Tráthnóna maith"  – "Bon tardi"   (Good afternoon)
–  "Mi "Is mise Elvira. Cé thusa?"  yama Martin. Kon yama bo?"  (My name is... What’s your name?)
Kon ta "Cad é mar atá tu?" – "Mi ta bon. ku bo?"   (How are you doing?)
"Tá mé go – "Bon." (I’m good, thank you)maith. Go raibh maith agat."
"Cárb as thú?" – "Mi ta di Belfast. Di unda bo ta bini?"  (Where are you from? I’m from Belfast)
"Is as Curaçao mé."     (I’m from Curaçao)
"Un "Is deas bualadh leat."plaser konosé bo." (It’s nice to meet you)
"Slán go fóill!" – "Ayó!"  (Bye for now)
Two teachers, Marten Máirtin Mac Cathmhaoil - Irish language teacher, and myself Elvira Bonafacio - Papiamentu language teacher, came together to exchange our knowledge with each other. It was a memorable and priceless experience, as we were language teachers learning a new language. Both languages are minority languages and we had a chance to experience what our students would experience when following our classes. Just imagine this:
  • Listen – Repeat – Try – Try again – Read – Listen – Acknowledge – Translate – Try – Try again – Listen and so on. As you can imagine there was a lot of laughter during this session. We enjoyed the learning process and celebrated our accomplishment, which was to introduce ourselves, say where we are from, greet and say goodbye in the other language using the correct tone.