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Beste hitzak

2018-10-26 15:45 —

Jelle Krol, our new colleague at Tresoar

Jelle will be covering Marre Sloot's maternity leave.

Krol is particularly interested in minority language literature. In the 1990s, he used to be a Board member of the European Bureau for Lesser-Used Languages. In that capacity, he met many lesser-used language speakers. Only recently, he published his PhD thesis on four lesser-used language writers: a Frisian author, Douwe Kalma, a Scots poet: Hugh MacDiarmid, a Welsh playwright: Saunders Lewis and a Breton writer: Roparz Hemon.

He used to do a bit of translating himself. Together with Popke van der Zee, he translated the Old English poem Beowulf into Frisian, and he wrote some short stories. The bulk of his work, however, consists of scholarly articles on Frisian literature.

Welcome to the team, Jelle! We hope you enjoy the last few months of Other Words 2015–2019.