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Focail Eile

2017-08-29 16:40 —

Meeting with Dr Stiofán O Direáin 

A very pleasant lunch and conversation with Stiofan. Among other posts, Stiofán lectured in Queen's University, Belfast in the Faculty of Irish and Celtic Studies and has a particular interest in literature being a poet  and facilitatior of the Irish language book club. Unfortunately, there was no meeting of the club due to holidays, that Gregor could attend, but over lunch we discussed many issues regarding Irish language poetry. He explainesd to us about Irish language syllabic poetry of the Middle Ages, where the form as well as the content of the poems were important, where Irish bards would have spent 7 years learning intricate metres, rhymes in order to write in this complex style. This style of writing was uniqiue to the Irish language. The converstion continued to other topics including politics. A very informative way to spend our lunch.