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Ainara Maia Urroz

2018-10-19 10:00 — Bitola, Macedonia

One language, thousands of stories

The DRIM short film festival is still humble and young, as the organizers just want to promote the culture of cinema in Struga, a small poetic city in the southwest of Macedonia.

The river DRIM divides named small city, and walking along that river I feel that I am more romantic and sensitive than I usually am, maybe because the blowing wind of the Ohrid lake caresses my skin. I pass across the Bridge of Poets, and I start to drim (dream).

Last weekend there was that short film festival, which was located in the Center of Culture. The center is located near the park of poets and of course that’s where I felt most comfortable, as the poet that I am. I arrived there with the Frisian writer Jan Menno Rozendal.

At the entrance of the building there was the opening meeting as well as an exhibition of black and white photographs of abandoned places of Struga. The artist and photographer of that exhibition, Goran Ristovski, explained to us very kindly his artistic work. Immediately I went into my own world and I started to dream about a better world, through those abandoned images. A real poet doesn’t need more than that to dream stories!

This is the second year of the young festival, organised simply and warmly, with the heart, and I should mention some names of the organization that were so kind to those two Other Words writers: Lidija, Jakov, Rade, Nikola... and I couldn’t forget the name of Dimitar Banov, who invited us to a beer.

The main objective of this small but great festival is to promote culture in the city. It is the city of dreams and poetry, and I feel myself at home writing poetry here. Life is not just a dream; life is pure poetry, and the cinematographic stories of the international short films made me dream.

So I had the opportunity to see several short films from the Balkans, such as Serbian, Albanian, Croatian and Macedonian movies. I have heard several Slavonic languages with English subtitles, but the language of cinema is unique, and has once again inspired me.

That cinematographic universal language made it possible to tell thousands of stories across borders and religions in Struga’s Drim Short Film Festival.

It was really a pleasant surprise for me to know about this small festival, and I'm very grateful for the warm welcome of the organizers. I would like to let the Basque society know about this young festival, and maybe even suggest a collaboration.

Ainara Maia Urroz

English revisor: Jan Menno Rozendal