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Ainara Maia Urroz

2018-10-11 10:50 — Bitola, Macedonia

Poetry will save this world, maybe

I don't wish to overstate the importance of poetry, but it is everywhere. Once I heard the contemporary Basque poet Auxtin Zamora tell that we find the most original poetry within children. Yesterday I could see that in a presentation of a book of poems for Macedonian children: We Want To Grow!

I went there with Frisian writer Jan Menno Rozendal and Macedonian poet Stefan Markovski, plus I had the pleasure to get to know Macedonian writer Filip Dimkovski. Furthermore, I was fascinated by the kindness and enthusiasm of the children that were there, how the words of the writer about poems of food and music made the children happy.

In fact, food and music are some of the main topics for our growth and, if we enjoy them, we truly and fully grow with our bodies as well as our souls. I also want to grow, as I do with the experiences here. I am especially admiring and smiling at the marvellous look of the children, as adults have brought me disappointment and at times even despair. I will try and perceive the world with a children's eye, and I want to try to make things more enjoyable, enjoying food and music, and enjoying the Macedonian slow rythm; I want to take a bath in this slow culture.

I want to be present.
Make love. Make tea. Avoid short conversations. Take long conversations. Buy a plant, water it. Make my own bed. Make someone else's bed. Receive a bright smile. Make art. CREATE. Swim in the ocean. Take a massage with shower. Take a long warm bath. Swim in the rain. Take a chance. Ask. Make mistakes. Learn. Identify my own value. Make love. Love warmly. Forget fast. Let go what does not make me happy. GROW.
Slow food in Macedonia is a healthy way to grow.
So learn to enjoy Macedonia!