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2016-02-23 00:40 —

Press release by Tresoar, Friesland

Writers from Macedonia, Slovenia, Ireland and the Basque Country come to Friesland

From January 2016 Tresoar, Frisian historical and literary center, will participate in the European exchange project Other Words / Oare Wurden. Five European countries and regions have joined to build a network on literature for writers of small and minority languages. The project offers writers the opportunity to live abroad for eight weeks, to work and to participate in local cultural life.

A total of five Frisian authors can be, over a period of three years, involved in this exchange. The selection for the first writer will be in March; the selected writer will be staying in Macedonia. 

Frisian writers, who are interested to be broadcasted, are to submit their plans before March 15. More about Other Words / Oare Wurden and the open call for staying in Macedonia can be found at www.tresoar.nl.

The project Other Words / Oare Wurden is an initiative by the arts center Donostia Kultura in San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain), the city which is 2016 European Capital of Culture. The aim of the project is to generate more attention for literature in small and minority languages in Europe and to show the creative process of writing literature on digital and analog platforms. Besides Friesland the Basque Country, Ireland, Slovenia and Macedonia will be participating in Other Words / Oare Wurden. Occasional other European partners, such as Wales, Malta and Occitania, will join the project.

In March Tresoar will start a selection procedure for the first exchange: a Frisian author will stay for eight weeks in Bitola, Macedonia, in the summer of 2016. After eight weeks, the writer must have created a complete literary work and have participated in at least two cultural events in the host country. The literary work is then translated into four other languages and published online. In return, the writer gets a two-monthly allowance, a daily allowance and travel expenses. All information on the selection and eligibility criteria is on www.tresoar.nl.

In April 2016 the first foreign author arrives in Friesland. Irish author Orna Ní Choileáin writes prose, poetry and drama. She has published several successful collections of short stories and is writing vampire stories for young people. She also does theater presentations (dressed as a vampire) and she is a singer-songwriter of Irish repertoire. Her work has received several awards and nominations and was selected for international literary collections. The second exchange takes place in the autumn of 2016, when the Basque Country hosts a Frisian author. The selection for that stay will be launched later. In the same period a Macedonian writer will be hosted in Friesland.

The project Other Words / Oare Wurden is performed by Tresoar in collaboration with Foundation Kulturele Haadstêd 2018 and the province of Friesland.

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