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Oare Wurden

2017-11-08 11:29 —

Productive first few weeks for Eneko Aizpurua in Friesland

The Basque writer Eneko Aizpurua has been anything but idle during the first weeks of his stay in Leeuwarden. For instance, he visited the Frisian Historical and Literary Center Tresoar to meet managing director Bert Looper. Looper told Eneko about the Frisian Freedom in the Middle Ages and showed him ancient documents. Self-government and regional identity are some of the main themes in Eneko’s literary work.

He also met up with several people from the Frisian literary world. For the literary magazine Ensafh Eneko was interviewed by editor Hedwig Terpstra. The interview is set to be published at the end of November.

With his red Other Words-bicycle and his public transport card, Eneko is also very busy exploring Friesland. He is posting blogs about his trips regularly. Even though these are in Basque it is possible to get an idea of his experiences using Google Translate.