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Beste hitzak

2017-12-29 17:45 —

See you again, dear Colm!

We said goodbye (for now) at Atxaga's hometown.

Colm told us that he was reading Obabakoak –the most famous book by top Basque writer Bernardo Atxaga–, so it made sense to take him to Asteasu, the little town where Atxaga was born. We had all we needed: the 3.7-kilometre walk to get there from the nearest train station (Colm loves a nice walk), the Lizard Trail, a combination of the real town of Asteasu and the literary territory of Obaba, the stories on the commentary (Colm loves and writes stories), the views from the top of the hill (Colm adores Nature) … And 'proper' long lunch, an essential ingredient of any plan to carry out in the Basque Country (Colm may have just realized how much he enjoys a big meal at lunch time!).

Yet another great residency by a guest of Beste hitzak – Other Words.