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2017-05-30 12:00 —

Sera has reached her destination

The creation work that Bart Kingma carried out during his stay in the Basque Country is now complete and available in its original language, Frisian (http://oarewurden.frl/fry/works/).

Bart's was a fine residency, and we are in no doubt that the resulting document will be a fine piece of literary creation.

While in San Sebastian, he created this character, Sera, a singer and songwriter who had decided to spend some time away from home in the hope of making some sense of the creative and personal crisis she was going through. He even provided Sera with a Facebook profile which we enjoyed following to find out what she was up to in and around town.

After meeting mainly experts on literature, music and issues related to dealing with traumatic life experiences, Kingma went back to his country full of ideas to produce a novel that would reflect some of what he found in the Basque Country.

We can't wait to read the result of his hard work.