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Elvira Bonafacio

2018-12-03 13:20 — Belfast, Ireland

Short Circuit

People have the tendency to only show the world what’s good. Imperfections, negative and less good things are kept secret. The reason behind this can differ and may vary per culture, but it is a fact that all perfections have its imperfections. This is called life’s balance, but it can also cause a shock in life.


Attention, Attention, NASA Attention!

In the hemisphere, a strange phenomenon has appeared

In the orbit all planets are paralyzed

Nothing is synchronized in our solar system

The cycle between the sun and the moon is upside down

The northern star has suddenly disappeared.


No reaction at all!

It seems that nothing is being registered

Not even the current universal situation

It didn’t make an impression

Nor awaken any emotions in

The once responsible for the mediation

How can this be?!


Planet earth is warming up!

The weather channel is registering these developments

A tropical depression is in effect

Heavy winds and heavy rain are coming our way

There’s also an alert for a volcano eruption

Mayday, mayday, mayday, life is deteriorating


Failure, failure, failure!

We are not detecting this language

We are not recognizing this code

System failure!

Please, update and reboot the system or proper functionality.


A cry for help goes out the universe

Silenced by an intellectual machine

Designed to function individually

Sacrificing what’s important is becoming the new norm

In order to follow the pre-determined path

To deliver the desired result


Leaving the individual indifferent

And lacking clarity of the situation

Without even taking into consideration

That the process might become deficient

As long as the product(ion) is excellent.


A balanced process is what the universe wants,

But the individual is focused on the goal to be achieved.


Elvira Bonafacio, Belfast October 7th, 2018