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2016-06-09 09:00 —

Slovene author's literary residency in Ireland

The Association for Contemporary Art X-OP has chosen author Cvetka Bevc for the Other Words literary residency in Ireland.

Cvetka Bevc is a poet, writer and musician who lives and works in Ljubljana. Cvetka writes prose, poetry, young adult literature and dramatic works. She has written over thirty full-production radio plays and has published over twenty books. Her poetic and prose works have been translated in English, German, Italian, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Bolgarian, Romanian, Chinese, Belorussian, Latvian, etc.  She has also written several screenplays, theatre musicals and numerous musical presentations and original scores for radio plays, theatre plays and films.

Cvetka has participated in literary readings at home as well as abroad (Italy, Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Romania, Bolgaria, England, Finland, etc.) and was a member of literary tours throughout Australia, China and Macedonia.

She is a member of the Slovene Writer's Association, the Slovene PEN Centre and the editing staff of Poetikon magazine. She has spent several years organizing and leading the Slovene Book Days festival.

Cvetka has already spent an extended period of time in Ireland while she was studying at the University College Cork, Ireland.


recipient of the Srebrno pesniško pero [Silver Poet's Pen] from the international poetic festival Slovanski objem [Slavic Embrace] in Varna (Bolgaria) 2014,

novel  Potovci was one of the finalists for the 2012 Kresnik award for best novel,

young adult novel Desetka [The Mighty Ten] was chosen for the national project Rastem s knjigo [I am growing with a book] and nominated for the 2012 Desetnica award and 2012 Večernica award for best work in the field of young adult literature,

one of the finalists of the 2015, 2014 and 2011 Poetry Tournament,

children's novel Čivknjeno od začetka do konca [Chirped from Beginning to End] was nominated for the 2014 Desetnica award for best children's literature,

children's book Pesem za vilo [Poem for a Fairy] was nominated for the 2011 Desetnica award,

collection of short stories Zgodbe iz somraka [Tales from the Twilight] won the international literary award Mreže mest 12. Pazinskih literarnih srečanj [Webs of cities of the 12th Pazin literary gatherings],

the winner of the HALMA GRANT litearary grant in 2010.

While in Ireland Cvetka is going to meet the Irish author Alan McMonagle to discuss the translation of his book of short stories Psychotic Episodes, which she translated in Slovene in collaboration with translator Anja Podgornik. Cvetka has previously introduced the Irish writer Alan McMonagle to the Slovene public with an interview and publication of one of his short stories in the Slovene literary magazine Mentor.

Cvetka would also like to organize a fairytale hour for children where she would present Pesem za vilo / Poem for a Fairy, a short puppet show, which has been published in both Slovene and English. With this fairytale Cvetka would introduce Irish children to the unique properties of Slovene folk music.

Cvetka would also like to organize a workshop for radio play writers. Cvetka has during her previous stay in Ireland created a radio adaptation of the Irish folk tale about The Fisherman's Son and the Gruagach of Tricks.

Among the many suggestions for activities that Cvetka came up with for the time of her stay in Ireland were also a lecture on the use of folklore elements in Slovene and Irish poetry and a literary evening where she would present a selection of her poems, travel poems and parts of her prose works.