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2018-08-02 18:38 —

Stefan Markovski will be the Macedonian resident writer in Donostia!

The selection process was not so hard, as Stefan has an extraordinary biography with impresive results and ideas for presentation during residency.

Stefan Markovski is a contemporary Macedonian writer, poet, screenwriter and philosopher.

Born in the town of Gevgelija (01.12.1990), he completed primary and secondary education in his hometown, graduating on both the Department of Comparative Literature, Faculty of Philology and the Institute of Philosophy of Ss. Cyril and Methodius State University of Skopje. He’s also a postgraduate student of Screenwriting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje.

Markovski’s writing career and contribution to modern Macedonian literature has granted him literary prizes and honors in Macedonia, including the “Macedonian Literary Avant-garde” for his book of short stories The wind-and-fog seller and other stories, “Petre M. Andreevski” Prize for novel, “Beli Mugri” for a poetry book, “Krste Chachanski” for a book of short stories, “Grand Prix” prize on the festival “Literary Sparks”, The “7-th November Award”, “Knjizevno pero” of Croatian Writers’ Association (HKD), prizes of UNESCO, etc.

Mentioned in anthologies of modern Macedonian short fiction and poetry, participating in festivals around the country and abroad, parts of Markovski’s works have been published in several European languages.

He is a member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association, the Macedonian center of the International Theatre Institute and other international associations.

He’s the chief editor of the oldest Macedonian literary magazine – “Sovremenost”, as well as the poetry collections of the project “Metrichki karvan”.