en fy eu mk sl ga

Tomislav Vrecar

2017-08-06 11:22 — Dublin, Ireland

STEP by STEP (seagull steps)

ONIRIC sketches,

(a writer without a pen?!)

my morning call!

                                    seagulls landing in the sky ...

seagulls landing on the empty streets ...

an ghrian ''' light ''' liking ''' o'connell bridge!

sitting beside my nothingness //////

                                                          st, patricks chatedrall /////////

leaves of wind dropping &

                                           green tears &    

the loneliness of the park ...

                                                     my morning cigarette and I.

 I've had men approach me ...

ENTER! spelling check >>>>>>>>>> don't worry!

ENTER! A distant cry reached our ears. >>>>>>>>>>>> HELLO mate!

I'm the keeper of the park (one of them) >>>><<<< But I'll be the keeper of your heart.

Nice to meet u! ///////////// the pleasure is mine!

No prob mate!

                                    I'm the keeper of your heart.

sharing my morning cigarette ...



ONIRIC seagulls!

(the reach of the transmitter)

i'm the pope of the pope of the pope ... ad infinitum!

POPISM!            POPISM!            POPISM!

                (DALI /neko/ prodaje DRINU?)

in spiritus SANCTUS we ...                                                            

(the reach of the transmitter)

                                            touching the belly of Dublin, again and again!

MONDIAL food %%%% to dial for food!

                                                                       ALL in one day!

James Joyce day. 



                                           What a difference a day made



Twenty-four little hours            (a day in advance)

                                                 (do you have any change?)                                           Brought the sun and the flowers

Where there used to be rain                      

                                      (a baby is crying the ###

smell of a little banana ###

                                              the future in one bite!)

try to pronounce each color aloud!

HI, my name is Cookie!

HI, my name is Biscuitt!

Of course and my name is Wedding Cake!


(photo: Nina Golob)

Try to draw a seagull !!!

(photo: Nina Golob)

No, you try ... !!!