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Beste hitzak

2016-06-10 13:00 —

'Talako kantina', Bermeo, Bizkaia

Ekaitz Goienetxea, the first Basque writer to complete a residency in the context of the Other Words project, lives and works in Bermeo, a great seaside town which was once (1476–1602) the capital of Bizkaia. After taking a walk in the old quarter, we headed for Talako, the place in which our literary event was to be held as part of their 'social Thursdays' (Eguen sozialak).

The original plan was for Ekaitz and Viktor to read out their poems in their respective mother tongues, and also in translation. To that end, Ekaitz took on the task of translating his colleague's work into Basque from the English version. On the other hand, he asked Barbara to read out some of his own in Slovene, the national language of the country where he recently spent a two-month period.

It was nice to see Viktor's reaction when he heard his words uttered in Basque for the first time. He seemed amused, and extremely happy. He decided that, rather than reading them out, he would says his lines off by heart.

Based on the fact that plans are made to be changed… A few members of the 'Itzultzaile berriak' group, who joined us on this multilingual excursion, decided that, as well as Basque, Macedonian and Slovenian, it would be nice to hear other languages represented in that forum. And that's how Maria and Karina ended up reading in Bulgarian and Russian (the latter even explaining the content of the texts she was about to read in impressive Basque…).

A very special experience in a truly unique venue. As Ekaitz humbly put it, 'the most beautiful canteen in the universe'.