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Marija Jovchevska

2018-09-03 17:13 — Maribor, Slovenia

The old fashioned way of discovering a city's past

As many travel stories start with a bus station, I couldn’t help but notice the black and white chessboard floor and crimson red pillars, giving it an authentic mix of Kubrick’s one-point perspective and Lynch’s Twin Peaks vibe.

However, Maribor is nowhere near those tension-building stories. My first point of visit was the Multimedia Center KIBLA in Narodni dom. Coffee came with a biscuit, old-fashioned white walls and futuristic chairs. From the corner, came the soothing smell of books. That’s when I got a paper-map of Maribor and decided to discover it in the old fashioned way, with a backpack and my phone in the bag.

Unfortunately, technology and surgery are not that advanced to give the eyes the ability to take photographs, nor to store the view and awe of Lent and old houses from the bridge. The name of ‘’main bridge’’ is coined perfectly – separates the old structures of the city and modern style buildings, like the shopping centre Europark. But I decided to smother any thoughts of boutiques until the heat wave and wander around the Drava River.

The riverbank of Drava has the most popular landmarks of Maribor: The Water Tower and the Judgment tower, which is a restored landmark from 1540 with a cone-shaped roof that was once part of the city's defensive walls. It got the name because of the women witch trials that were conducted there. All of this gives away the renaissance past of the city.

As a biotechnologist with great admiration for plants, I couldn’t resist visiting the world’s oldest vine. I may have had a doubt in my mind, expected some flame colored leaves and a plant desperately trying to gasp its soul inside to keep life. However, I found a few meters long vine, with boldly green colored leaves. Is it the longevity genes or the good care?

And for the last, I would like to mention MC Pekarna. The heart of alternative life in Maribor, where every graffiti and sculpture has its own meaning. The first sight was (unfortunately) a closed bookstore, in front of which I stood for a couple of seconds, because of the drawings. Escher’s stairs of infinity. It gave me an inspiration for another literature text. I am glad I discovered the place alone in midday, but I’m certain that at night, with concerts and events, people give life to the murals.