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Beste hitzak

2019-08-04 16:30 —

These Other Words writers can speak too!

In an interesting two-hour session, they exchanged views on different aspects of our European creative exchange programme.

Basque writers Ekaitz Goienetxea Cereceda, Eneko Aizpurua Urteaga and Ainara Maia Urrotz seemed delighted to describe their time in Slovenia, Friesland and Macedonia, show some pictures taken during their residencies, revisit some of their blog entries, answer to the audience's questions, etc.

Their fellow Beste hitzak author Yoseba Peña sent some video footage in which he gave his view on the best features of the Other Words programme, as well as a few that could be improved.

As for Beatriz Chivite Ezkieta, she could not get away from London, where she currently lives, but sent her best wishes to those gathered at the Pasai Donibane Cultural Centre.

After a nice long discussing, we all agreed that this has been a rich and motivating four-year project which deserves (at least!) one more creative period. Let's hope we can make it happen.