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Beste hitzak

2016-06-20 10:00 —

Three young poets and a micro-story writer at the local library

Garazi Ugalde Pikabea recently won the 2016 'Pasaia Hiria–Xabier Portugal' poetry award (XVIII edition) with a collection of poems entitled Morfologiak (Morphologies), and Anartz Izagirre Zubimendi was the finalist with Forma geometrikoak zure baitan (Geometrical Shapes Inside You). They were two of the protagonists at last Tuesday's round-the-table discussion at the Pasai Donibane public library.

Another very interesting young writer was also there. His name is Iñaki Goitia, and he is currently responsible for the public library on the other side of the Bay of Pasaia, in the Antxo neighborhood. So far, he has worked mostly on prose, be it micro-stories, longer narrations, essays…

The fourth person at the table was Viktor Jakimovski, the young Macedonian poet (and Other Words guest) who's now well into his San Sebastian residency.

It was a relaxed event in which we did something we have got quite used to over the last few weeks… More specifically, ever since Ekaitz Goienetxea came back after completing his stay in Maribor, Slovenia: we listened to the writers' voices, we heard how their literary work sounds away from the written page, and we did that at different points throughout the event.

It gets addictive, believe me!

As well as listening to the artists, we took time to discuss a few issues with them:

1. Creation and literary awards: Do they help? Are they necessary? Do they contribute in any specific way?

2. The creation process: What is it really like? How do writers actually create their work?

3. Literary stays (abroad): How does one get into them? What kind of experiences have our guests had so far?

4. Creating in more than one language: How does one choose which one to write in?

All in all, it was a pleasure to be the first group to take part in Marga Anzuela's project for a new XXI-century public library. She's full of ideas and dreams, and we hope she succeeds in making them come true.

We'll be there to help in the future.