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Oare Wurden

2017-05-08 13:45 —

Trevor Scarse contracted as Other Words translator Frisian-English

Other Words Fryslân contracted translator Trevor Scarse to translate into English the work Frisian authors wrote for Other Words. The stories written by André Looijenga in Macedonia and Bart Kingma in the Basque Country, will be published shortly in Frisian and English on the website of Other Words.

Trevor Scarse studied history at the universities of Groningen and Leuven. He has written two master theses about sport and politics in Antiquity: in Hellenistic Southwest Turkey and Egypt between 300 BCE and 100 CE.

Since his studies he has been working as a translator. His focus has been on translating Frisian into English and the other way round, because of his Frisian mother and English father. He provided the English translations of the poems of Sigrid Kingma for her debut poetry book Reade Triedleas / Red Wireless (2016). At the moment he is translating some short stories by the American author Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937).

Moreover, Trevor Scarse has made listening assignments and tests for Stepping Stones, an English textbook for secondary education. He also has experience in online marketing through Parkos, an international comparison website for car parks near airports.

He has his own business, Wiiswurd, which provides translation and online marketing services. For more information, see: www.wiiswurd.frl