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Focail Eile

2017-11-01 16:30 —

Visit to  the National Library of Ireland and meeting with Feachtas!

Alek visited the National Library of Ireland in Dublin The  Library’s holdings constitute the most comprehensive collection of Irish documentary material in the world and offer an invaluable representation of Ireland’s history and heritage. Given Alek's topic for writing, on the historical figure, Roger Casement, he was able to get a reader's card which enables him to visit the library while he is in Dublin. We also visited the exhibition in WB Yeats, only of Ireland's Nobel prizewinners for Literature.

Next, we met with Loretta Ní Churraighín, manager of Feachtas. 

Feachtas was founded in 1980 to promote the use of Irish among young people and to aid their personal and social development. They cater for the 11-18 age group. They organise youth clubs and events through Irish to develop social networks of young Irish speakers to promote the use of Irish outside of school. Feachtas believes that the social use of the Irish language in the community by young people is most important for the future of the language. They aim to facilitate the social use of the Irish language by developing networks for young Irish speakers.

Alek was invited to attend the youth clubs, after the Halloween break to see how it all happens!